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About Nevada, Iowa

 In 1853, the Iowa legislature appointed Commissioners to locate a county seat for Story County. The Commissioners looked the county over and decided on a site in the vicinity of the center of the county. One of the Commissioners, Mr. Joseph Thrift, had been a "Forty-niner" in California, and in his journey across the continent had greatly admired the Sierra Nevadas; so he proposed the name Nevada to the new town. The town of Nevada was named ten years before the state of Nevada. Therefore, there seems to be no foundation to the claim that the town was named for the state.

One of the first settlers in 1854 was Dr. V.V. Adamson and others followed. Nevada has always been a medical and dental center. Since 1951 the Story County Hospital has been located on Sixth Street. Starting in 1970, with a second floor addition in 1977, a long-term care unit, a gift from local citizens, has been a part of the hospital.

The east-west railroad since 1864 has been a part of the main transcontinental line and now a part of the Chicago and Northwestern System freight line. In 1902 a north-south railroad connected Minneapolis and Kansas City on the old Rock Island Lines. It is now a part of the Northwestern System and the freight trains move through the junction at Nevada to their destinations in four directions.

In 1868 a considerable drive was initiated in Nevada to make it the capitol of Iowa, its location being more central than Des Moines. The drive failed.

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