Food Preservation 101 Class


Food Preservation 101 Class

07/27/2014 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Theisen's, 1315 South Dayton Avenue, Ames

Learn how to preserve your fruits and vegetables safely!  "Food Preservation 101" is a fun overview of drying, freezing, pickling, hot water bath canning and pressure canning.  Find out about the equipment, time and money each method requires.  Learn how to avoid common food preservation mistakes.  Bring home research-based recipes and complete food preservation instructions from your Story County Extension Office. 

No food preparation or actual food preservation will be done in class.  The purpose of the class, taught by Iowa State University Extension Nutrition and Health program specialist Mary Krisco, is to help beginners decide which type of food preservation would be practical for them and to remind experienced canners of new food safety procedures. 

FREE!!!  Space is limited.

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