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A united voice is what makes the Chamber a strong force for progress.  Whether working through channels to ensure roadblocks are clear today, or working on broader issues affecting tomorrow, the Chamber is working on your behalf.
It is in the lead when you simply do not have time.

Chamber of Commerce offices all over the United States are often the voice for the community and the first point of contact when new residents and businesses come to town. The enclosed packet gives you information on what the Nevada Chamber of Commerce provides to its members and community. We have many things to offer to you as a Chamber member that would enhance your business.

The Chamber gives many referrals each month by walk in, telephone, or e-mail.  We enjoy being able give referrals and help the interested parties fit their needs with the appropriate Chamber business.  We provide unique advertising opportunities by promoting your business news in our newsletter and on our web site with the ability to link to your web page or site.

Are you considering joining our membership organization? We will happily provide the following information in a membership packet; you may also print it for your review.


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